FAQ Mongolia | New Milestone Tours


Where is the Mongolia located?
Mongolia is located in the northern part of Asia between China and Russia. 

What is the most common language spoken in Mongolia?
The Mongolian official language is Mongolian. Many people understand and speak English. In most hotels and restaurants, people understand English. Many people believe that Mongolians understand Chinese or Russian, but they don’t, just a few actually do. 

What is the weather like in Mongolia? 
The most convenient weather is from June to August. Daily temperature may fluctuate by 20C to30C. The coldest month is January. And in the winter the average temperature is between 3C and -35C. The hottest month is July. On the frontier part of Mongolian territory, the air temperature rises to 20C. In the south, it is as high as 25C to 30C.Mongolia as a whole, the climate is rather arid. Summer temperature is around 18C to 32C. 

Is Mongolia a safe place to travel?
Mongolia is considered one of the safest countries in the world to travel. Mongolian’s are kind and hospitable by nature making it a very pleasant and great place to visit. 

Is Mongolia good for a family vacation?
Absolutely. Enjoy beautiful scenery and stay in a ger (yurt) with your whole family or while enjoying fun activities like riding a horse, yak, or camel, shooting a bow and arrow, or meeting a nomadic family and learn about their way of life. There are luxury tour camps and resorts available as well as casual ger camps for overnight stays. These can be part of an overland tour to major tourist destinations enjoyed by the entire family or if you choose you can divide your family and choose different things to see and do. The tour will give you and your family the chance to fully relax as you enjoy the green steppe forested mountains, hot springs or sand dunes. 

Are local family living experiences possible in Mongolia?
Yes. We can prearrange a tour for a few days or a whole month with a local family. You can experience living with a nomadic herder’s family in locations such as Sukhbaatar, Arkahangai, the South Gobi or any province of your choosing. You will live in a ger and help the family with their daily activities such as: herding sheep, cattle or horses, cutting wood, fixing fences, picking up dry dung for fires, cooking local cuisine, and making homemade dairy products. 

What kinds of clothes will I need to pack? 
Summer: It’s rather hot, but due to the Northern winds when it’s early in morning or evening it can be cool; therefore, a light coat is always needed. Remember that the Gobi is not like Sahara desert. It is hot, but when it rains it is cold. And some other items to bring would be: Sunglasses, T-shirts, light coat or raincoat, hiking boots, snickers, pants, shorts, long sleeve shirts, regular jeans or outdoor fitter’s pants, extra socks and underwear and maybe a bandana. Winter or after September if traveling to far away distances: Better bring complete winter clothing’s as if you were going to Alaska. Boots, Scarf, down coat, wool clothing’s and warm socks.

Is there anything specific I need to bring? 
You should bring regular personal camping equipment like a flashlight, & a pocket knife. Also, you should bring your duffle bag if you selected to do the countryside trips. It’s convenient for packing in the car and for the horse, depending on the selected itinerary. 

Are there any restrictions on what I can/can’t bring back? 
For hunting or fishing you may bring your own firearms and fishing equipment. But the customs office requires documentation in advance for your hunting equipment and ammunition. You can’t take back the whole hunted animal, but the parts can be if the legal documents are given. Purchased antiques require special certificates for you to it bring back home. 
What kind of food can I expect in Mongolia? 
Regular Mongolian meals are influenced Western-style cuisine. People mostly eat beef, mutton and lower portion of chicken and pork. Also, horse meat and liver shows up in menus. In the city of Ulaanbaatar, it has a variety of restaurants available including Mongolian, Korean, Chinese, American, Italian, French, Indian, Japanese and many more. As for the field menu, it is adjusted to visitors and special meal requests are always possible for vegans and vegetarians. 
What is a Mongolian ger (yurt)? 
Ger in Mongolian means home. A ger is a portable, round tent covered with felt or skins. It has a wooden frame comprised of angled wood and a wheel shaped crown at the tops. Families live in these homes year round. They are heated with a stove that is vented through the roof. 

What makes your tours different that other Mongolian tour companies? 
We have the best-personalized tours and every tour combines the great natural hospitality of nomadic customs and culture. We do it with our sincere heart. 

Does your company accept credit card? 
Yes we accept Master and Visa card. VISA, Master, JCB, Union Pay and American Express are accepted for payments in many places but not in some places. But checks cannot be cashed in Mongolia. ATM Machines are able to use all Visa, Master Cards. But American Express only works in the Golomt Bank for cashing. 

Will I be able to exchange my money in Mongolia? 
Yes, you can exchange USD, Euro, Chinese, Japanese and Korean currency into Mongolian Tugrug. Are American dollars accepted in the areas that we will be going? Many places accept the American dollar for payments. Official shopping areas accept Mongolian Tugrugs. And the shopping centers and hotels have currency exchange places but they have lower rates compared to different banks. 

How is shopping in Mongolia? 
In Ulaanbaatar many notable brands are available including: Burberry, Luis Vuitton, Boss, Sony, Panasonic, Columbia Outerwear, North Face, Nike, Adidas and so on. Major souvenir choices are available in the State Department Store, the Flower Center, and many other local souvenir shops along Enkhtaivan (Peace) Avenue. The Narantuul open market, also known as the Black Market, is a large outdoor market with a variety of daily items, clothing and souvenirs. Beware, however of pick pockets in this area. There are several large modern shopping malls such as: Hunnu, MaxMall, Naran, and Ulaanbaater Department Store. One of the must stop shopping experiences is the Gobi Cashmere Outlet where the world’s finest cashmere clothing and other goods are available. 

Are there car rentals available in Mongolia? 
There is only one car rental company operating, SIXT. Tour operators like New Milestone can arranges car rentals in Ulaanbaatar. Driving in Mongolia is difficult so most visitors prefer getting a car with a driver. Countryside driving is on rough dirt roads that are not well marked. It would be to your advantage and safety to hire an experienced driver both in town and in the countryside. 

Are those Russian jeeps or “Furgonâ€Â vans comfortable and safe? 
For many years those army purpose vehicles were most reliable and good for off roads. Even today Japanese SUV and 4WD vehicles taking over these Russian cars many drivers, local herders prefer them because of cost efficiency and simplicity of assembly. They are not comfortable enough but durable for off road trips.