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Mongolian Tourism Association

Our association was established in 1992, member-based organization that serve and represent our members.  MTA is a professional industry association and it is the first and the biggest Non-Governmental Organization in Mongolian tourism industry. 

Our mission is to become an Umbrella organization of Mongolian tourism industry representing all stakeholders; by protecting their legal rights and common interests of our members and increasing quality of tourism service, products and competitiveness through improving professional skills of human resource. Thus, it is our goal to increase the industry’s contribution to national socio-economic development steadily.

As of May 2014, there are 279 registered members in our association consists of every sector; tour operators, tour agencies, hotels, tour camps, airlines, insurance, fashion salons, restaurants and etc.  We are an official member of UNWTO.

Mongolian Tourism Consortium

MTC formerly named as Mongolian Tourism Consortium, non-governmental organization serving its members who are in the tourism sector and other areas, but supports tourism. 

The purpose of MTC is to deliver a great value to the tourism industry to Mongolia and the world in a way of uniting,  strengthening and developing the sector of tourism.

Some of the major tasks are extensively contributing the policies and functions for development of tourism and provide the financial stability to run the perpetual and strategically operations. Run other operations fitted to the Mission in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations

Export Coaching Tourism Asia 2013-2017

Export Coaching Programme
In November 2010 a strategic conference was organized in Ulaan Bataar, to identify  opportunities for CBI support to sustainable economic development in Mongolia, specifically focusing on the tourism sector.  An ECP has been started in 2011 to support private sector development in the tourism industry of Mongolia. In the Export Coaching Programmes (ECPs), CBI coaches small and medium sized enterprises  in gaining access to the European market, mostly through the participation in several sector or product-specific trade fairs organized in Europe. Currently, 18 Mongolian tourism enterprises are supported under this programme. Because this ECP will phase out in 2014, efforts are being made to develop a new regional CBI tourism sector programme for Asia, which includes also Mongolia. The ECP component of this programmes is currently open for application. More information can be found on