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New Milestone Company and Why travel with us?

Because we operate only in Mongolia, we do it well

Let us take you on adventurous explorations into Mongolia. Our adventure tours include mountain trekking, fishing, and horseback riding. What better way to learn about Mongolian nomadic culture and history than by experiencing it firsthand. Ride a yak over Mongolian Northern mountain range. Ride two-humped camels over Mongolia's' southern sand dunes. Go on a cross-country off-roading adventure. Try for fishing (catch and release) for the worlds largest freshwater fish - the taimen. Meet true nomads and camp in a traditional Mongolian yurt. We offer once in a lifetime tour vacations that are guaranteed to be unforgettable!

We have experience with handling logistics, setting up remote camps, and obtaining special permits for Scientific, Art, Film, and for other Projects. We have worked with many professionals, including National Geographic, The US Embassy, Flying Elephants Studio, Televisa, E3Imagine, and 50por1 Brazilian TV Studio.

Our most popular destinations include: Terelj National Park, Khovsgol Lake, the Gobi Desert, Yol Canyon, Khorgo Volcano, Karakorum - Erdene Zuu Monastery, Khustai Range National Park - the National Wild-Horse Reintroduction Reserve and the wild and beautiful areas are that are not revealed yet except by local nomads. The True nomadic culture, with its customs and traditions, and the beautiful wilderness are what make Mongolia a truly special experience. We, as our company will serve you from our heart so you may have a joyful and memorable stay in our country.
We specialize in cultural and soft adventure tours to various destinations in Mongolia but are always approaching to geotourism designed to maximize tourism benefits for a destination community, minimize negative impacts, and build a responsible tourism.

Our community and nomadic family based tours with relaxing yet fun programs have helped thousands of people better enjoy their travel. The goal is for tourism to help preserve, protect, and educate in ways that support the natural and cultural uniqueness of appealing places and the well-being of the people who live in the countryside. We do not promote hunting tours and avoid disturbing nature and wildlife with heavy motor coaches or building constructions. Also, we train local communities to keep the culture and prosper and step forward with us on supporting sustainable tourism initiatives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and operate outdoor adventures and cultural tour in Mongolia by offering the wild environment with the nomadic cultural experience to our customers. We are provider of cultural and adventure travel and personalized customer service to people coming to Mongolia through innovation and preservation. We sustain a reputation of quality through excellent service, custom care and a friendly professional stuff. We generate a profit in an ethnical manner while meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Experience and professional

- Since 2004 We have been operating continually authentic exploration tours
- We are a Professional Team with Sincere Service
- We combine Soft adventure with culture and comfort
- We are an Honest and Friendly Company
- We are a legal Mongolian entity and a Tour Operators License Holder

Our local advice is valuable

Mongolia is a new adventurous destination for tourist around the world. We will tailor for your tour based on your needs and interest, provide useful advice to help you explore and experience more. New Milestone complies with International Standards, we are on hand at all times to provide you with our help.  We will be fully responsible during our trip to take care of you and always happy to receive your feedback. 

Custom made tours just for you

All of our trips are tailor made to the individual or to groups. For example, For Family Vacations, for people who want to film or photograph, people who want to fish in Mongolia, and even for Professionals who are doing projects in Mongolia. Because Mongolia is so wide and diverse with unique culture, you will have the opportunity to see many things in a short amount of time according to your schedule. By your five senses, you will feel part of the unique culture of Mongolia with each tour you take with us.

Quick in responding

As soon as you start contacting us, we will begin to make your trip itinerary tailored to only you and to your interests. Our tours are planned according to many categories, such as: weather, nature, hunting season, & Nomadic Lifestyle. Because we tailor to your wishes, we want to make your trip fun, efficient & full of adventure. So by suggesting these things to keep in mind, we can provide the best experience for your trip. All tours include Hiking, Biking, or Horseback Riding.

Our Team

New Milestone group is professional and sincerely serves for its customers. By being part of this company, we are always happy to share our Country’s History, Culture, Hospitable Nomadic Lifestyle, and Beautiful Scenery. It will be so much fun and full of memories for you. All of the Tour Guides are Friendly and Professional, also they love their jobs. Our Drivers will take you safely to anywhere in Mongolia and they will be your best friend and assist you during your whole trip. Our Chefs will serve you with Asian, Mongolian, and European meals which will be Delicious, Healthy, and Very Good Quality. We are extremely happy to be part of your Life’s Journey and giving you a New Adventure for your Life.

Adyabold (Adya) Director

He is Friendly and Honest. He was born in Govi. He knows the Nomadic Lifestyle of Mongolia very well, and He was traveling for Scout Camp when he was a Teenager. In 1998, he did volunteer work for two years in a foreign country. He has traveled the world and wants to introduce the Pure Majestic Nature of Mongolia. Also, he wants to share with the whole world the Hospitality of the Nomadic People and the Unique Culture of Mongolia. This is why he studied in a tour school to become a tour guide. So in 2004, he founded the New Milestone Company. He will serve you sincerely during your stay in Mongolia, and make sure that you Travel with Comfort and that your trip will be full of Adventure. He’ll organize your tours very well and take care of you!

Odgerel (Odgoo) Co-operating Founder

He is fun and likes to talk to people. His Profession is being a Forrest Engineer. He has done research for many years of the Mongolian Eco-System. In 2000-2001, he studied Business Management and Skill in Hawaii. While studying in Hawaii, He worked and served at the Polynesian Culture Center for tourists. He has been a teacher for tourism in University. He has been fishing in all of the Mongolian Rivers, and he is a Professional Fishing Guide. If you want to know information about the Mongolian Eco-System, fish, and other animals, he’ll be the right person to talk to.

Ganbold (Teddy) Co-operating Founder

He is a hard working person who is very helpful. He takes care of your transportation, orders the most comfortable Hotel and Ger-Camp for you. Also, he is in charge of accounting and documents. If you need any permission or declaration for Fishing, Customs, Making Movies, and any other service you may need, he’ll be the best helper

Uyanga Tourism Manager

She is friendly and does everything sincerely. She works with you and will plan your trip nicely according to your wishes and desires. Also, she trains the drivers and checks them to make sure that you will have a good service. She’ll help you until you want to travel again.

Uranchimeg (Urnaa) Tourism Manager

She is funny and kind. She answers all your emails and questions about your trip immediately. She’ll give you the highest quality of service and she’ll plan your trip with you for you to have the best trip. Also, she trains all guides and helps all guides to be better. If you want to change your plans, and make the trip only for you, she’ll be the best person to talk to.

Dulguun (Dunya) Tourism Manager & Guide

My name is Dulguun, and you can call me Dunya. On the behalf of New Milestone Tour Company, I would like to welcome you all to Mongolia. Our country is full of culture, history, and adventures. You will never regret to come to Mongolia. Since I was a little girl, I always interested to learn about Mongolian history especially about thirteenth century of Mongolia. So, never hesitate to ask about Mongolian history. I will tell you everything that I know. Our team will ensure the quality of everything. Come to Mongolia and I will be glad to fulfill your dreams about your own trip in Mongolia! On my private tours, “love”, “serve”, and “laugh” are my verbs: I would be happy to organizing your stay in Mongolia and share my passion to this place with you. I will do my best to make your trip a lifetime experience. Looking forward to see you in beautiful country, Mongolia! 

Lkhagvajargal (Happy) Office Manager

She is hard working and humble. She is our Accountant and she does all the company’s daily income, spending, and other accounting business. She reserves Hotels, Restaurants, and Ger-Camps that work with us. Also, she handles all train ticket arrangements, all payment materials, and everyday work. And now, she is ready to serve you!

Mr. Enkhbat (Enkhee) Logistic Manager

Enkhbat has been working for New Milestone Company as the Logistic Manager since 2007. He usually organizes the Special Interest Tour. He grew up River Fishing and Feeding Fish in his home since 8 years old. One of his special skills is his ability to cook, and all tourists love his food. He has worked in Hotel and Government service for many years; Because of this he has many experiences and all tourists are always happy to travel with him and have a stomach full of food.

Our Guides

Our Guides serve sincerely for all of our foreign visitors and ready to share our History, Culture, and Traditions at their best. Also, they are well trained and ready to serve you for 24hrs at a time. They are a trustful companion to take with you on your trip. We’ll give you the best professional tour guide for your trip situation and program. They will serve you with Mongolian hospitality at heart.

Our Divers

Our Company Drivers are friendly, kind, and have 6-25yrs worth of driving experience. Our drivers take care of all your comfort and safety. All of them are appreciated by tourists because they are very good at driving on difficult roads in the countryside and towns. They are very good at navigating through the countryside in which at times there are no road signs. Not only do they drive you around but they also guide you throughout your trip. We don’t doubt that you’ll be satisfied and that you’ll have many wonderful memories about our drivers at the end of the trip. All of our drivers are allowed to drive tourists after they have been well trained. They are always on time and are ready 10-20 minutes beforehand. Also, our drivers check to make sure that their cars are in fully working condition. They are indispensable members of our company.

Community based tourism

Our Sustainability Mission is helping local nomadic people to preserve their culture and lifestyle and protecting the natural lands through tourism.

Our Company shares Gobi Desert and Mongolian northern nomadic people’s traditions, costumes and their lifestyles with the world. Also, we help our tourists and visitors become friends with them. The local nomadic families will serve them with everything that they can offer. We help nomadic families to keep their traditions and work with them being completely honest. 

We receive kind services from local nomads including;
- Hire local guides 
- Rent Ger for visitors 
- Rent horse and camel 
- Learn to make traditional Mongolian food 
- To buy handicraft, traditional clothes, and antiques.

Carrying for environment

Our Company follows the phrase which states: “there will be only footsteps that have already been” from the World Wide Fund for Nature, Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia, Concept of world protection and we follow their motto. Also we organize all our trips to be environmental friendly. So, we organized all our trips mostly to visit with local families and stay at their home, and visit eco Ger-Camps. We support the trip and activities with horse riding, camel riding, cycling and hiking rather.

Social Responsibility

The one goal of New Milestone Company’s is to introduce Mongolia to foreign visitors and introduce the entire world to the people of Mongolia to help support friendship and the development of Mongolia. So we donate 10% of our special tour income to the “Youth for Success” non-government organization. Through this donation, we help many young people to be educated and be personally developed. Since we have organized our company we have helped economically and voluntarily for youth organizations such as the Scout Association of Mongolia, Ulziit half orphan children center, and Habitat for Humanity in Mongolia.

Terms and Conditions

New Milestone LLC accepts bookings subject to the following Terms and Conditions: 

Tour Operator
New Milestone LLC is a local tour operator and co-operates with local hotels, ger camps, and remote distant tour operators. 

Booking and Payments 
The tour is booked by completing the authorized form and submitting it to New Milestone LLC with a minimum deposit in USD or Mongolian currency equal to 30% of the total payment. Upon receipt of the deposit, a confirmation letter will be sent along with the information of your custom tour and payment due summary. The remainder of the payment should be made before the start of the tour or may be paid upon your arrival in Mongolia. The deposit can be made by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, online (payments will be in MNT), bank wire transfers or international money transfer services such as Money Gram or Western Union (payment will be In USD). 

The prices of tour packages are based on the number of clients in the party as indicated on the website. Quotes for custom tours are valid as noted in the letter. For upgrading or choosing different accommodations your tour price will be adjusted accordingly. 

Cancellations made 30 days prior to the start of the tour will not be charged a cancellation fee. However, the return deposit payment will be adjusted depending on bank services and exchange rates. Some domestic flights and hotels may require additional cancellation fees. The booking party will be responsible for any such fees incurred. For this reason, we recommend you purchase adequate travel insurance. Although we have never had to cancel a tour, we reserve the right for unforeseen issues. If the tour is canceled from our side, all deposits will be fully refunded. 

Pre and post tours, New Milestone will provide reservations at a 3 star hotel. For an additional charge, you may be upgrade to 4 or 5 star hotel. During the tour, depending on your itinerary, ger camps or a local nomad’s ger or tent will be provided. Only ger camps provide showers and modern toilet facilities. Accommodations are based on double occupancy. 

Passports and Visas 
Clients are responsible for obtaining personal passports and visas. Adequate time needs to be allowed for processing. Visas may be obtained from the Mongolian embassy or consulate in your country using our tour confirmation letter after the booking deposit is received. If there is no Mongolian embassy or consulate in your country, tourist visas may be obtained upon your arrival at the airport or railway station in Ulaanbaatar. Clients will need to provide necessary information so that New Milestone can present the customs office with an official letter. 

Clients must have travel insurance for the duration of their chosen trip. 

Your Responsibilities
Tour booking will be accepted with the understanding that clients realize that there are inherent risks and hazards with these tours and agree to take responsibility for their actions and safety. On the tours it is necessary that clients agree to abide by the authority of the tour manager or guide who will be working to ensure the safety and welfare of the group. Any action that jeopardizes the safety and welfare of the group may result in the client being asked to leave the tour with no right to a refund or any compensation. Special requests and any medical issues or conditions must be brought to our attention at the time of booking. We cannot be held liable for any actions or events that could have been avoided with proper disclosure of information. Personal belongings and property are always the client’s responsibility, as is ensuring that all the appropriate passport and visa requirements for the duration of the tour are obtained. Smoking is not permitted in any vehicle. 

Our Responsibilities
Our Company’s responsibility starts at the designated meeting point and time i.e. when you meet the tour manager or guide in Ulaanbaatar. We cannot be held liable for any expense or inconvenience prior to that, or as a result of your failing to join the tour at the appointed time. We are not responsible for force majeure including: any natural disasters, war, rebellion, cancellations or delays of airlines and train. 

Itineraries and Tour Details
Tour itineraries should be taken as an indication of what each group should complete and not as a contractual obligation. The nature of the tour requires a flexible approach to the stated itinerary and all participants should accept this flexibility and acknowledge that delays and alterations and their results (such as inconvenience or disappointment) are possible. No refund or compensation will be given for any unused transport, accommodation, services or features of the tour. All details are accurate at time of going to press and any significant alterations will be brought to your attention at time of booking. 

Any problems or complaints about the tour should be raised with the tour manager or guide at the earliest opportunity so they can be rectified or appropriate action taken. 

 Legal Terms
All terms and conditions are made subject to, and enforced by, Mongolian law and must be resolved in a Mongolian court of law.